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Community Calendars

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or a long-time resident looking for weekend plans, there are many valuable community calendars available for the Boston and Cambridge area in addition to our own hotel calendar. Here are some of our favorites:

Harvard Square Business Association
The HSBA is a fantastic resource for anything and everything relating to Harvard Square. Hosting more than 50 events per year on their own, they work diligently to compile the goings on of all the local businesses in the square from restaurants to retail to non-profits.

Cambridge Office of Tourism
The Office of Tourism does an amazing job at collecting all of the to-dos on this side of the river – and then some. Plus their photography is Insta-worthy on every page.

The Boston Calendar
This comprehensive list of events throughout Boston is helpful for its segmenting and giving you a broad overview of what’s available tomorrow or three months from now. Pick a day and a neighborhood and there’s bound to be something interesting happening.

This site is a great resource for anyone with a passion for food and drink. They round up the latest food-focused events in the city – thankfully with a hungry and creative city like this the calendar is never empty.

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