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Staff Spotlight - Alex Attia

Staff Spotlight

Want to get to know our Charles Hotel team? They're the incredible people that make our hotel a home. They’re the ones that are always here for the guests - whether they're staying overnight, just joining us for dinner or taking in a show at The Regattabar

For our first Staff Spotlight, why not start with none other than the General Manager himself? You’ve probably seen him or spoken with him without even knowing it - perhaps even mistaking him for your valet. You will find him in the lobby making sure the lampshade is level, next to the grand staircase directing guests, near the concierge telling you where he thinks you should go for dinner (most likely Henrietta’s Table on the second floor), or next to the front desk offering one more “Welcome to The Charles.” He’s everywhere!

But a new place you can find him is now at the bench of a grand piano. Alex Attia, born in Tunisia and now a resident of Lexington, MA and General Manager of The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square for 15 years, has recently taken up piano lessons. Certainly not because his wife threatened to get rid of the piano in their house if no one plays it…but because it provides a therapeutic outlet. He started lessons at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education here in Harvard Square just this past January once a week. It’s a class of about 8 students and 1 teacher where they learn to read music and “hopefully play something decent.” Alex claims he is a true beginner but can now play Alouette!

Who knows, perhaps the Alex Attia Trio will make their Regattabar debut in 2020. We’ll see.

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