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Courtyard Yoga with Barre & Soul

They say having an abundance of sunshine in your life is the key to happiness, so we can only imagine the level of serenity you will get when you mix soaking up Vitamin D with sun salutations. We have paired up with Barre & Soul in Harvard Square to bring you complimentary Yoga in the Upper Courtyard each Saturday during the month of June.

Here are a few helpful tips to enhance your "om" outdoors:

  • Make sure you are well equipped with water and sunscreen. A small towel always come in handy and can even be placed under your mat for some added cushioning.
  • Before getting started, take some time to connect with your surroundings. Being outdoors can bring distractions, so find something to focus on to drown out the inevitable interruptions that come with taking your mat outside of the studio.  
  • Adjusting to outdoor air is essential, so before you get started, it's always important to try to take a few relaxed breaths to prepare your body. Being in control of your breathing will deepen your pranayama practices and will help you make each position stronger, longer and deeper.


Kick off your weekend with us every Saturday through June 30 from 9-10am (weather permitting), and don’t forget to BYO yoga mat! Sign up through Eventbrite so we can contact you in the case of inclement weather.


Spaces is limited so be sure to sign up ahead of time!

**Please fill out our waiver and turn in at your first class: http://bit.ly/2rHTZwE

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